Dryland Training

Dryland will consist of hockey specific training for players of all ages. Programs will be designed based on the season of training (In-season, Off-season, etc.).  Each player will also undergo a Functional Movement Screening (FMS) to help establish any mobility or motor control problems that may be present. 


  • The ability to explosively start, decelerate, change direction, and accelerate again quickly while maintaining body control and minimizing a reduction in speed.  

  • Athletes need to be capable of reacting quickly to game situations with speed and power.

  • With the exception of skills specific to the sport, agility can be the primary determining factor in predicting success within a sport.

Core Training

  • Essential in developing proper motor control to maintain stability while withstanding external forces on the body (e.g. checking, skating, shooting).

  • A weak or untrained core can impair how well your arms and legs function while performing specific movements.

  • Strengthening the core also helps increase power within movement patterns.

Resistance Training

  • Most direct form of developing strength, power, and hypertrophy (size of muscle).

  • Program design will be based on the season of training, Functional Movement Screening, and personal goals of the player.

  • Educating the players on the importance of proper exercise technique and safety.

                                  Off-Ice Skill Development                            
(Stride/Speed & Agility/Stickhandling/Stability/Shooting)                 
                                   Level 1  
(Building a Foundation)                            
                             30min             45min                
                       5 Pack     $185        5 Pack     $245            
                       10 Pack     $360        10 Pack     $480            
                           Level 2
  (Fine Skill Tuning)                            
                             30min             45min                
                         5 Pack     $200        5 Pack     $260            
                         10 Pack     $390        10 Pack     $510            
                                  Level 3
 (Complex Skill Development)                            
                          30min             45min                
                              5 Pack     $215        5 Pack     $275            
                              10 Pack     $420        10 Pack     $540            
                                            Weight Training Packages                            
Physical Testing (45-60min)  $50            
                                    *Speed & Agility/Lower & Upper Body/Body Composition                                      
                                   Privates (45min)            Privates (60min)                
                           5 Pack     $280        5 Pack     $340            
                            10 Pack    $540        10 Pack    $660            
                              20 Pack    $1,040      20 Pack    $1,280            
                                  Take Home/Online Weight Training Packages                                
                               Program Review & Body Composition (60min) $64             
                              1-2 Day Program                    $25 per Day            
                              3-4 Day Program                    $20 per Day            
                              5-7 Day Program                    $17 per Day            

                 *Program includes food log, nutrition break down, body weight, and body fat testing                                    
                                    Functional Movement Screen and Mobility                                           FMS Testing (45min)   $45

                        *Includes take home corrective exercises



                              30min    $35            
                                   45min    $45    

For off-ice team training please contact Mario Battellini at mario@btehockey.com

*Every package has a 1 year expiration from the date purchased.  


*Any same day cancellations or no shows result in a paid session.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule training today!


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